Children's Suits

Children belong at weddings, who else will slide across the dance floor on their knees on more than one occasion? Our Children's range allow the perfect blend of styles to match whilst being comfortable throughout.


Recommended Waistcoats


Involving The Children

You'll need to think about how your child will be throughout the day. For lots of children they are involved in the ceremony so its asked that they wear the correct attire to match the theme. However once the photographs are taken, help them enjoy the day by de-cluttering remaining smart and respectful whilst being able to move about. 

Avoid tight-fitting clothes. You can still keep kids stylish with a loose fit. Kids move around a lot, dancing and playing with other children and a little wiggle room is always better. Kids grow fast so there will be more opportunities to wear these clothes. 

Leave layers for another time. Kids will need frequent toilet breaks (especially younger children). Layers can be cumbersome and make them hot and irritable.

With shoes, keep it simple, If their feet get sore, don’t be surprised if you find their shoes in a corner.