Vintage Tweed Suits

Tweed comes in different pattern strengths whether you want something subtle or statement and range in material weight for every season.


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Wearing a tweed suit is something different. Different isn’t always good but on your wedding day you don’t want anyone wearing the same attire they would wear  for client meetings at work.  A tweed suit gives a sophisticated look and one that won’t be replicated in a thousand other weddings.

With a tweed suit you can get away with more colours and design patterns than with a regular suit. Tweed jackets have stood the test of time as to what can be considered elegant. When your grandchildren are looking at your wedding pictures and video you don’t want them laughing at the fashion sense. They probably will do that anyway but why not minimise that risk?

A good suit looks good. A fitted suit looks great. A good fitted tweed suit is perfection.

The distinction that comes with a fitted suit is only multiplied when it is tweed. Don’t ask us why, it’s just the way of the world. Matching tweed accessories also have a unique look that will ensure you look suave.

Whilst most men find it hard to match the enthusiasm of their partner in regards to wedding related issues,  the exception should be what the groom is going to wear. There is almost nothing as personal as the clothes we choose to wear. Numerous pictures will be taken on the day so there is nowhere to hide.  A fitted tweed suit looks sophisticated and ensures the groom looks right on the big day.  Selecting the right one is a chance to bond together.

If you are both trying to get in shape for your wedding look no further than tweed suits.  A good tweed suit provides a strong frame. Any weight issue you have won’t be as prominent with a good tweed suit cut out to your measurement.