Traditional Wedding Suits

Our traditional men's wedding suits are designed specifically for stylish and formal wedding themes. Grooms traditionally wear morning suits, with black traditionally a popular choice. We pride ourselves on the tailored fit of our traditional wedding suits, which guarantee a handsome, yet formal look, on your big day.


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Heads or tails

With the rapid change in fashions and trends, and lets face it more style-aware men, the morning suit has been 'adapted' in a variety of colours & styles. The move away from tradition has meant that men are able to exercise their sense of style.

Here are a few tips to help you look extra dapper and stamp your own look on your special day:

1 – Take into consideration the time of day you are getting married, you will definitely look like John Travolta’s cousin if you wear a white suit for your evening ceremony. The same can be said for wearing a tuxedo to a midday wedding!

2 – The time of year is also very important; choose warmer colours for a winter wedding. Maybe a burgundy pocket square to set off a sharp navy suit and consider a lighter suit for the summer months... are you brave enough to wear pastels?

3 – The fit (this is integral across the board). Make sure the suit is tailored to you, spend that little bit extra and get your suit altered, the wedding photos/memories will be all the better for it.

4 - Add your own personal touch, how about matching trainers for the groomsmen or a playful bow-tie matching the colour scheme.

5 – Don’t forget the shoes, treat yourself to a new pair and remember... no white socks!!