Black Suits

A classic look and will never look out of place. Of course, it’s not the right colour on a hot summer evening, so be sensible with when and where you use it. Perfect wear all year round and for evening functions, in the warmer months, lighten the look with a pale shirt and tie combo – or no tie at all.


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Here Come the men in black

Black suits can get quite boring so if you’re looking to jazz it up a bit, it’s essential to know what colours work well when paired up with black. It’s common knowledge that black goes with everything, it’s impossible to mess it up right? Not quite.

When wearing a black suit, you’re relying on black as the fundamental colour structure so it’s vital to pair it with colours that go well with it as well with your complexion. If you’re fair skinned, a black suit can make you look quite pale so you can blend that contrast with warmer colours.  If you’re dark, wearing a black suit should be second nature. Your skin and hair colour naturally supports higher colour contrasts and you can easily experiment with bolder combinations.

Red compliments black perfectly, you can’t really go wrong with that. Pairing black with a vibrant navy or an electric blue is also a great combination to achieve a swanky look. Colours like blush pink, white, grey and silver, different shades of blue like turquoise and yellow also go well with black.

But remember, black should be the prevailing colour when combined with others so use them in moderation. Be especially careful with orange or you might end up looking like a very elegant pumpkin. 

Using prints is a more experimental way of mixing up your suit combinations.  To avoid going too over the top, opt for muted colours in small, repetitive prints like polka dots or stripes.

Flannel or plaid is another workable option. Inject a bit of individuality into your black suit by opting for a printer shirt that reflects your personality and style, just make sure not to go too overboard or you’ll stand out for all the wrong reasons. This is a great option for a date or formal occasion as it shows subtle flair whilst still keeping things understated.

You may think we’ve gone bonkers but trust us on this one. A patterned shirt, whether checked, floral, or dare we say it… striped, can work wonders for a plain black suit. Anything that seems too over the top or eye watering will immediately be toned down to something that’s easy on the eyes, due to the stark magic of the black suit.