Grey Suits

Probably the most versatile piece of formalwear ever, the grey suit can be worn year-round, and easily dressed up or down depending on style or dress code. It’s the perfect blank canvas for showcasing accessories and pops of colour. Not to mention, medium grey is a colour that looks amazing on everyone. It’s the suit that does it all — the perfect balance of classic and modern, effortless and refined.


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50 Shades Of Grey

When it comes to suits, nothing beats the staples. And by staples, we mean black, navy and grey. Navy and black have always had a general popularity for their adaptability, but grey also emerges as a worthy suit colour choice. In fact, grey suits have become more prevalent in street style, their versatility especially appealing to the younger market. For something clean, understated and classic, a grey suit does the trick. However grey can also be tricky to perfect. Done right grey reads youthful and modern; done wrong it will leave you looking outdated and frumpy.

Light grey suits are an excellent choice formal and casual looks. They are youthful, modern and sharp – but as with all suits, tailoring is essential. Ensure you’re choosing grey suits that do not overwhelm your body and fit your shoulders appropriately. Lighter versions of grey are also an appealing option for the hotter months and provide a summery alternative to the monotony of black and navy. You are also going to want to make sure you keep an eye out for potential dirt marks as light grey can stain quite easily.

To style formal light grey suits, keep in mind that it is all about contrast. With your formal shirts, a crisp white shirt is failsafe paired with a black tie, but do not fear to experiment with other colours. A muted powder blue complements light grey and other pastel tones can work well also. Balance out your silhouette with a slimmer tie to modernise your look. Don’t forget that accessories are crucial to pulling together an outfit. Find a unique patterned pocket square and fedora to make your suit pop and stick to silver watches, tie bars and cuff links to align with the grey tones of your look.

A charcoal grey suit is also another great option for versatility. Much like a light grey suit, a charcoal tone can be reworked in many ways. Keep an open mind to the different textures you can adapt to this tone of grey. A charcoal grey suit with a textured fabric will stand out and work effectively to change up your look and is flattering when tailored correctly. Ensure your textured grey suits are streamlined and aren’t too big so you look more youthful as opposed to outdated. Consider charcoal greys as the most corporate-friendly grey suit option. It reads professional and is a refreshing change from the usual black and navy suits we typically reach for. Regarding shoes, mix things up with a burgundy Oxford to complement the dark tones of charcoal.